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Simple Decluttering Tips for Downsizing

03-May-2022 11:02
in General
by Admin

Are you downsizing? You may be looking to buy a smaller home that needs less maintenance. Or you might be looking to spend less on your mortgage. You’ve retired and don’t need as much space.

Whatever the reason, one thing is the same. Everyone who is downsizing will need to declutter.

This can be a lot, and you may struggle to know where to begin. Don’t panic, below are some simple tips to help you declutter before you downsize your home.


Block off a few hours a day to declutter and stick to one room this should help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start with rooms you don’t use as much, like the garage or attic or any spare rooms, and leave the kitchen to last.

Also, consider asking friends or family to help you decide what to keep or throw away. If you find it hard to part with things, an impartial voice can help, and they will be less sentimental.

Finding a new home for your things

Donate any unwanted items that are in good condition, not only is it a sustainable choice, but you may find certain charities will collect. Try not to leave your decisions until the last minute, making decisions on the day you move will just add stress unnecessarily. Decide what you’re donating and what is going in the bin and put anything you don’t want out for your weekly collection.

Prepping your belongings

When it’s time to pack, mark what room items will be in at your new home it will make unpacking a lot easier.

Also, keep any documentation you need separate along with your mobile and a charger. Have any essentials in a separate box or bag and at the ready. You don’t want to be searching through boxes to find something you need urgently.

Seek help where needed

When moving to your new home, added costs can mean you might consider cutting corners, but the physical and mental stress of doing it by yourself can outweigh what it would cost to hire a professional moving service.

Moving services are trained and experienced in packing and handling/loading items.

If you are looking to downsize to a smaller home, our team will be happy to have an informal chat.

Please do feel free to get in touch here.