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Five Tips for Moving House During Winter

02-December-2021 10:44
in General
by Admin

Planning to move house during the winter may sound like a bad idea, especially when you consider that you could be moving during cold weather where the roads are icy, or your possessions will get rained on as they are carried out of your house into the removal van.

Moving during a snowstorm is something else that no one wants to think about! However, there is an advantage to moving during the winter, and we will take a look at them here, along with some tips for planning your move.

1: Plan well in advance

It is essential to give yourself as much time as possible to plan and prepare for your big move. Planning is even more crucial when moving in the winter because no one wants to dawdle around in the cold weather!

It can help to take an inventory of everything you plan to bring with you to your new home. This will make sorting out and getting rid of your clutter much easier. You can contact a local charity to see if they will accept anything you no longer need but are still in excellent condition.

Most local charities will be all set up to accept things like clothes, shoes, and bags. Some will accept unwanted kitchen utensils and bric-a-brac that you don't need in your new home.

2: Be prepared for bad weather

Your removal company won't be happy if they cannot easily pull their vehicle into your drive or park outside your house because of snow. Make sure you keep your driveway or parking outside your home clear of snow to make it easier and safer for your removal team to access your house.

You may not get snow before your moving day, but the ground could be too slippery to be safe if you get freezing temperatures. If you know temperatures will plunge, put down plenty of grit salt outside to prevent your removal team from slipping on icy surfaces.

3: Use strong packing boxes

Most people will pack their belongings into cardboard boxes for their move. However, if these boxes are to be left outside for any length of time, especially if it is raining or the ground is wet, they can fall apart, and your box contents can become damaged.

Using more robust packing boxes or waterproof containers for your most delicate possessions is a good idea during a winter move. Don't forget that water and electricity don't mix, so ensure that you protect your electrical items from wet weather with an extra layer of wrapping, such as bubble wrap.

4: Hire a professional moving company

While you may think you can save some money getting your friends to help you move, the whole process can be faster and much more efficient when you hire a professional removals company.

In most cases, a professional mover can be a great help because they can supply you with high-quality packing boxes for your move. They will have the knowledge and experience to safely lift and carry your heavy objects and get you into your new home in one swift action.

5: Negotiate a bargain moving price

The main advantage of moving during the winter is that it is the heart of the off-peak season for removals companies. Most moving companies will offer very competitive prices that can be up to 30 per cent lower than during peak moving times.

We are sure that you will want to take advantage of lower moving costs, so even though it may not be ideal for moving house during the winter, the money saved can come in handy for making your new place feel more like home.

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