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Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quicker

02-February-2022 10:12
in General
by Admin

Getting your home ready to sell quickly can be challenging when you decide it is time to sell up and move on. This is especially true if you cannot move out while you sell and need to keep living in your property while holding viewings.

In most cases, people will outgrow their property and hold on to many belongings and furniture that they want to take with them when they move. However, keeping a lot of bulky furniture, nick-nacks, and personal belongings in the house and on display can make your home look and feel cramped and cluttered to potential new buyers.

If you have already found your next perfect property and don't want it to slip through your fingers, you will need to sell your current house ASAP. Let's look at some top tips for helping your sell quickly so you can snap up your next home.

Mentally move out of your house

You may have lived in your present home for many years, but you need to change your mindset towards your property if your want to sell it quickly.

Look at your home as if it no longer belongs to you. You can keep your happy memories of the place but look at them as past events. You now want to make fresh memories in a new home, so getting your mind to accept that you have already moved out can help you take an objective look at your house.

Fix any little DIY jobs you have been putting off and cast a critical eye over your property for issues that any potential buyer will use against you, such as broken guttering, a gate that doesn't close properly, loose or cracked paving slabs, etc.

Declutter and clean

Does the place need a fresh lick of paint? Do the carpets need a deep clean? How about emptying the shed and clearing the clutter from the garden? All these low-cost jobs can help raise the chances of a sale because these are one, two, or three fewer jobs that the new owner will need to do as soon as they move in.

Removing as much of you and your personality from your house will also allow prospective buyers to imagine their own furniture and possessions in the space. Put as much of your furniture as possible into storage and pack away ornaments and family photo frames to give your viewers a blank canvas to work with.

Pitch a realistic asking price

We have all played the house-buying game where sellers pitch a higher asking price in full expectation of it being negotiated down. However, can you spare the time to play this game?

If you want to sell your house quickly, it can help to sit down and work out exactly how much you are willing to let the property sell for. Instead of spending time going back and forth with a potential buyer haggling over a price, why not put your house on the market at the right price from day one.

While it is understandable that you will want to maximise the amount you can get, if you have already found your next property, you may not be able to afford to wait around in case someone else comes along and snaps it up.

Setting an acceptable price from the start that you won't budge on will save a lot of haggling time, plus your realistic price can be more appealing. It will attract buyers that are prepared to offer your asking price without negotiation.

Get your paperwork up to date

When selling a property, much time can be wasted dithering about with the paperwork. It can save you and your estate agent a lot of valuable time by having all your up-to-date paperwork to hand.

This should include certificates from safety checks, such as your gas boiler inspection, appliance checks, etc. You should also include any paperwork for planning permissions you may have got for building an extension before deciding that moving was a better option for you.

Having all of your paperwork in place can speed up the selling process and give your buyers a clear insight into what they are buying, which can be very reassuring.


All of the tips mentioned here will help your property stand out from the crowd. Make sure you keep your house clean, tidy and clutter-free while you are holding viewings to let your viewers imagine themselves in their new home.

Try to remove as much of 'you' as you can from the house, so viewers don't see it as your home, but somewhere that they will feel comfortable living.

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