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How To Prepare Your House for An Autumn Sale

01-September-2021 15:47
in General
by Admin

Preparing your house to sell during autumn takes a different approach to selling during spring and summer. For a start, potential buyers during autumn will be looking at being settled in their new home by Christmas, so you can use this to your advantage to help influence your sale.

Here we look at some top tips for staging your house to appeal to autumn buyers looking for a quick sale so they can be moved in by Christmas.

1: Boost your kerb appeal

Did you know that a buyer's mind can be made up within ten seconds of arriving outside your house? The first impression they get of your home will be the state of your outdoor space.

It makes sense to tidy up the exterior of your house and grounds to make your property look as appealing as possible. You can do this by clearing away fallen leaves, re-plant pots and planters with evergreens, cut grass and hedges, and power wash your drive or footpath that leads to your front door.

2: Highlight the best features

As autumn buyers will be thinking about spending their first Christmas cosied up in a new home, make your fireplace the best feature of your living room.

Stage your room around your fireplace and let your buyers imagine themselves snuggling up together and opening Christmas presents in front of the fire.

If you have beautiful period windows in your bedrooms, frame them with warm, luxurious curtains and put a comfortable armchair by the window to make a great reading or crafting spot.  

3: Add ambient lighting

While it can be difficult to arrange all your viewing during the daytime, it can help to add warm, ambient lighting for viewings on darker evenings. Try to fill each room with soft, inviting light that is easy on the eye but allows viewers to appreciate the space available in each room.

Make sure that you add light to darker areas, such as your hall and landing, which can often be poorly lit. Add a standard lamp to brighten up a dark corner or another wall light to cast light over your staircase.

4: Heat every room

With the weather turning chilly during autumn, make your house feel warm and welcoming by keeping the heating at a comfortable temperature. Your viewers might prefer to keep wearing their coats, so don't bump the heating up so high it makes them feel uncomfortably hot.

If you have rooms that you hardly use, it can make sense not to waste energy on heating them. However, if your viewers walk into a cold room, it can make these spaces feel neglected and unloved. This can create negative feelings in your buyers that could result in them dismissing your property.

Keep all rooms in your house warm, clean, and well aired out to better showcase precisely how much space a prospective buyer will be getting.

So, there you go - four top tips for preparing your house for an autumn sale. Good luck!

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