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Tips for selling in spring and summer

01-May-2019 10:38
in General
by Admin

Spring and summer are great times to sell your home as everything looks a bit nicer in the sun! So, how can you maximise the sale price of your home?

Know your audience

Knowing who is interested in buying your home is vital to preparing it for sale. Think about what sort of person would want to buy it. Is it an older couple? People with teenage children? A Young family? If you are unsure, we will be happy to point you in the right direction, so you can decorate and change the rooms in your home accordingly.

Major clean

Your house needs to smell fresh and look spotless. Most buyers will view a grubby home in a bad light, meaning you could push down your selling price.

If any rooms are painted in strong bold colours, re-paint them in a neutral colour, as with the exterior of a home! Buyers will usually make up their mind about a property before they even step inside.

If you need to, retile tired bathrooms and paint them in neutral colours too.

Carpets, wood floors and curtains should also be washed.

De-clutter and think neutral

Any buyers viewing your home need to imagine living there. Having lots of clutter around and personal items, such as photos or ornaments won’t help them do this.

Minimal furniture is better, it will help to give a feeling of space, go room from room and clear away anything you don’t need, pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms.

Valuation and price

Valuating a property isn’t always an exact science, however, the right sale price is very important. Have a look at what properties on your street/area have sold for recently.

If you aim too high, your property probably won’t get many viewings, and you might eventually have to cut the price! If you are interested in an up-to-date market appraisal of your home, get in touch with us here.

Prepare for viewings

Finally, it’s all about the presentation! If you have followed the de-cluttering and cleaning tips already given, you now need to look at your rooms in a critical way. Think about asking friends their honest opinion about the position of furniture and any ‘eye sore’ that you might have got used to and simply don’t see.

We hope our tips will enable you to sell your home quickly and for the right price!