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Top Tips for Moving into A Home with Your Partner

01-March-2023 13:44
in General
by Admin

Moving home with a partner is a significant and exciting step in a relationship. As exciting as it is, there are many factors that should be considered to ensure that the move goes smoothly – and romantically, of course! Below are some things to make sure you’ve considered before you make the big move:

Schedules & Habits:

Making sure you and your partner have compatible schedules is essential when considering moving in together. Will it be possible to spend quality time together? You should also make sure you recognise and are able to accept your partners habits, the good and the bad! Putting up with them while you’re around for a takeaway is one thing, but you need to be prepared to put up with these habits 24/7 once you move in together! A way to test the waters is by taking a trip or holiday away together – if it went well and you’re looking forward to the next big adventure away, odds are you’re ready to take the leap. You should also make sure you and your partner are comfortable overcoming and resolving arguments; this is an essential skill you will need to have mastered when you are living together.

Finances & Chores:

Make sure you both consider each other’s financial situations. Ensure that the property you decide to rent or buy is suitable for both of you – for example, if one of you earns a lot less than the other, make sure you are realistic with the size and price of the property – you don’t want to be putting financial stress on either one of you. Another discussion point is to consider how you plan to divide household chores between you. For example, maybe you will take it in turns to do the cooking and washing up, or alternate who gets the horrible job of bleaching the bathroom…

Communicate & Make Compromises

Communication with one another, once you’ve moved in together, is essential. If something is bothering you, make sure you let your partner know! You don’t want the negative feelings to build which could ultimately affect your relationship. On the contrary, make sure to give your partner space when they need it and know which battles are worth fighting. The most important thing here is to make sure you share any significant issues with your partner so that you can compromise and find solutions.

We hope our tips will help you with your big move!

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