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5 Reasons Why July is a Good Time for the Property Market

20-June-2024 12:22
in General
by Admin

The UK property market is a dynamic entity, influenced by lots of factors throughout the year. Among the months, July stands out as an especially favourable time for both sellers and buyers. Here are some reasons why:

Weather and Extended Daylight Hours

July is known for its warm, sunny days and extended daylight hours. This nicer weather creates the perfect conditions for viewings. Buyers are more likely to explore new neighbourhoods and inspect potential homes in good weather, it also often shows properties in their best light. Longer days mean buyers can schedule viewings after work or spend their weekends viewing properties without the constraints of early sunsets.

Flexibility of School Holidays

For families, July is a great time to delve into the property market. The start of the summer holidays means that parents and children don’t have the routine of school runs and daily schedules. This extra time allows families to focus on searching for their dream home and managing the actual move. Also, moving during the summer holidays means children have a chance to settle into their new environment before the new school year begins, reducing the disruption to their education.

End of the Fiscal Quarter Incentives

The end of June marks the close of the second fiscal quarter, making July a strategic month for sellers and estate agents looking to hit quarterly targets. This often translates into a heightened motivation to close deals, which can lead to more competitive pricing and negotiations for buyers. Sellers eager to meet their targets might be more willing to accept offers, creating opportunities for savvy buyers.

Increased Market Activity

Historically, the property market in the UK experiences a surge in activity during the warmer months, and July is a peak period. This uptick in market activity means there are more property listings, giving buyers a better selection to choose from. For sellers, the increased demand can lead to quicker sales and possibly higher offers. The lively market in July often brings a sense of urgency and excitement, making it an opportune time for property transactions.

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

A unique advantage of house hunting in July is the opportunity to see gardens and outdoor spaces at their peak. Lush greenery, blooming flowers, and well-maintained lawns can significantly enhance a property's kerb appeal and attractiveness. Buyers are able to fully appreciate the outdoor features and envision how they might use these spaces themselves. A beautiful garden can be a major selling point and seeing it in full summer glory can influence purchasing decisions.


July offers a myriad of advantages. From favourable weather conditions and longer daylight hours to the flexibility of school holidays and the strategic timing at the end of a fiscal quarter, the benefits are clear. The market activity and the chance to see properties, especially gardens, at their best make July a prime time for both buyers and sellers to achieve their property goals.

Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home or sell your current property, July provides an optimal window of opportunity.

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