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Gardening tips and chores

26-March-2020 9:52
in General
by Admin

One of the key points to selling your house is kerb appeal. Buyers want to know that the house they’re looking to buy has been well looked after and of course – first impressions count.

These tips below will help keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

Plan Ahead

Maintaining a garden takes some time and effort, there are multiple jobs that need to be done to create a peaceful space. Planning ahead of time allows you to gain some perspective and prioritise what tasks need to be done first.

You can do this by making a ‘to do’ list of projects you wish to tackle, such as building walkways, adding a shed or installing a new water feature. However, be realistic when it comes to scheduling, some things take longer than others to complete and may not be a one-person job.

Clean and Prep

To be able to start any project you need a clean workspace, otherwise how will you be able to concentrate or even see what you need to work on. You need a clean space and clear mind for when you are working on a big project.

When cleaning the garden, start by making sure all leaves and fallen branches have been gathered and thrown away. Next, power wash any patio furniture or flooring, this will get rid of any lingering dirt or moss.

Also, clean and prep any tools you might need to complete a project. It’s always best to see what you need and have it ready for use.

Prune Shrubs and Plants

You don’t want things to look too overgrown, pruning your plants, shrubs and trees can keep them healthy and allow more room for breathing.

Depending on the time of year, when you prune is important. If you do it in preparation for springtime you need to prune any of last year’s growth to about 2 or 3 buds above healthy thick stems. This will allow for new growth to come in.

Add Colour

Sometimes your garden can look ‘too green’, when potential buyers come to look at your house it may come off as a little bland – adding a pop of colour is all you need to go from boring to uplifting.

An easy way to do this, is by placing early season annuals such as pansies and ranunculi around bulbs and in containers. Depending on the time of the year, you can take the opportunity to start planting new flowers. Around springtime is perfect for planting lilies and dahlias, and if the frost from the winter chill has gone, you can plant petunias and marigolds.

This pop of colour is sure to bring life back to the garden and entice potential buyers.


Wildlife provides an important role in balancing our ecosystem and help bringing our plants to life, as well as controlling pests and creating ambience.

Installing nesting boxes with the right dimensions can help attract particular birds. Also, having a consistent and clean water supply, as well as plant natives that provide nectar, seeds and berries, can help immensely.

These tips are vital in maintaining a clean, bright and sensual garden. If you are currently stuck at home and are looking to sell, it’s a great time to give your garden some TLC – hopefully these tips can help.

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