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Boris Bounce

24-June-2019 9:18
in General
by Admin

As the race intensifies to secure the leadership of the Conservative Party, and by default the leadership of the country, the nation waits with either bated breath or a stifled yawn (depending on one's interest in politics) to see who will lead the UK towards the Brexit deadline of October 31st. At the time of writing, former Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson is the clear front runner and seems likely to secure the hot seat!

Interestingly, stock markets seem to be predicting a 'Boris Bounce' whereby the mere fact of change of Prime Minister gives the market a shot in the arm, and that begs the question of whether the housing market is likely to see a similar effect?

At S J Smith Estate Agents we consider this to be a likely outcome, as we are seeing increased numbers of buyers registering to view properties in the last few days, and it certainly seems reasonable to expect this to translate into offers! We are also finding that our extended opening hours are proving even more than ever with large numbers of buyers wanting to view in the evenings and on Sundays, so if you are planning a move or are already on the market unsold, please contact S J Smith Estate Agents and prepare to take advantage of the Boris Bounce!

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