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Pricing your home for sale

23-September-2021 13:52
in General
by Admin

When it comes to selling your property, there are a few conundrums that you will come up against.

If you up-sell your house, put it on the market for a slightly inflated price, you could hit the jackpot and make a good bit of money. Yet ultimately it may take a long time to sell, or it just might not happen at all. 

If you under-sell your home, you will attract attention, and you will be guaranteed that somebody will snap it up fairly quickly. Meaning that you will be able to move on from the property in a short space of time. 

Have a look at this guide so that you can have an understanding of how to sell your home at the right price


Firstly, understanding your local housing market is a great way to start. What are the surrounding properties being sold for? What are their conditions and how can you benchmark your sale from this?

Note comparable homes and prices so that you have a much better knowledge of your market. 

You will want to seek advice from local estate agents. They will be the experts on the local area and should have a solid understanding of how much your house should be able to sell for under certain conditions. They should be able to answer questions on how to maximise your price tag or how to sell as fast as possible. 

It might be the case that you don't always agree with the valuations or offers you receive. The trick is to try and look at your property without too much emotion.

How do you negotiate the price?

When it comes to selling property, there are many variables. How many bedrooms the place has, the number of bathrooms, how energy efficient it is, how old is the property, what is the local area like, and how good are the transport links. 

These specifics are fairly concrete within your property, yet there can still be a lot of wiggle room. Valuations are often very factual, yet the selling/buying of a property is a very emotional thing. 

The more realistic you price your property at the start of the selling process, the more you should be able to negotiate for a higher price further down the line. Yet, it is all about knowing how quickly you want to sell your property.

If you don’t have time on your side, putting the property on the market for a lower price may well be an effective way to sell in a hurry.

We hope this blog gives you an understanding of what to market your home for. 

If you are looking to sell locally and need assistance with pricing your home, we can assist. 

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