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How to start your new year in a new home

20-December-2019 9:34
in General
by Admin

Moving into a new home for January 2020 might sound like mission impossible, especially with the rush of Christmas fast approaching. But what if we told you that there is still time…

Starting the new year in a new home is an amazing prospect, and although Christmas holidays can be tricky to manage as estate agents, solicitors and removals may be off work – it can still be done with a bit of extra willpower.

Here are our five top tips for getting your new year off to a great start in a new home this January. Who knows - you may even be able to save yourself a bit of money too.

Research, research, research

Although you’re working within a short timeframe, it doesn’t mean that you should be cutting corners when searching for a property. Searching for a property has been made far easier with the help of the web, and there’s an abundance of property search tools to choose from. But don’t just rely on the internet. Be sure to consult a local estate agent also, as they’ll be experts in knowing the local area and will be aware of seasonal trends.

Get in contact early

Without rushing or making a decision you’re unsure of, the Christmas period can be busy for many of the relevant agencies you’ll need to help throughout the buying process, so getting organised early is likely to help you move in for the new year.

Having a mortgage offer from your lender as well as a surveyor ready to go will put you in a great position for buying in time for the start of the new year. This will also be made easier if the seller has things in order on their end and is ready to go too.

Find out about the seller

Although you’re likely to find out as much as you can about a seller when buying at any point during the year, a seller’s motivations at the beginning of the new year could work in your favour and save you money.

Homes on the market at this time may have failed to sell or been sat over the summer period – meaning that homeowners could be keen to make a sale before the new year is in full swing. There could also be other reasons, such as divorce or debt which could mean they’re looking for a quick sale – giving more room for negotiating and possibly a lower price.

Make an early offer

Holding back on making an offer means holding back on getting the wheels moving when it comes to moving in, especially if you’re looking to make it in time for the new year. Some sellers may be keen to sell by January and move somewhere new for winter too. If this is the case, they may be prepared to take a lower price for the convenience. Making an offer can be daunting, as there’s no guarantee the seller will take well to it. But remember that the worse they can do is say no, or come back with a counteroffer. Experienced estate agents can help with this, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

Think about removals

Similar to estate agents and solicitors, removal firms are also likely to have reduced service hours over the Christmas period. Try to book with a removal company as soon as you can, as they’re likely to be busy due to this. If possible, try to go with a firm that you’ve been recommended personally, as a poor removal service could end up costing you more later or delaying your move-in for January. If friends aren’t able to recommend someone, your local estate agents might be – so opt for one with an experienced track record.

If you are looking to move in January, you can view our property listings here.