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Simple Garden Refresh Ideas

19-July-2022 10:56
in General
by Admin

The outside is just as important as the inside when you’re selling.  

Below we share some tips on how you can refresh your outdoor space.

So, you’ve made the inside of your home attractive to buyers, but you’re still not selling.  

What else can you do?

Simple, a garden refresh. A quick tidy-up can work magic for kerb appeal and bagging that all important buyer.

Clutter and rubbish free

It’s possible the buyer will want to change your garden. But don’t make it hard for them to see the potential by having a messy garden.  

A great way to start is to put aside everything you’ll be taking with you to your new home. If you have a friend who could store these things, take them up on their offer.

Try to look at your garden through a buyers eyes. Will they want what you’ve left? Is the shed leading to one side? What are the fence panels like? The old bench? The inside of your home will be clean and tidy, so you need to make sure your garden is too.

Getting rid of the smaller stuff, like those cracked flowerpots or last year’s compost bags is a simple job. But you may want to hire a skip or man in a van for the larger stuff.

Garden features

Once all the clutter’s gone, you’ll be able to look at the hard landscaping features. Patios, paths, and fences. Think about how you can make these things look like new. You want your buyers to see that they can make use of the garden straight away.

Is your patio stained with moss growing between slabs?

Give the patio and good clean with an eco-friendly treatment and clear any moss. Be careful is using a pressure washer as this could damage the surface of the stone and the grouting.  

Garden structures

Simply cleaning off cobwebs and applying a coat of stain can do wonders for garden structures.

Wooden sheds and fences can often turn green – especially if it’s been a wet mild winter.  A good scrub will freshen them up beautifully. Imagine how great potential buyers will feel knowing they won’t have the cost or hassle of replacing fencing.

If you have decking, a simple clean, sand, and stain will have it looking brand new.

If you have a summer house, give the inside a good sweep, clean the windows and organise the inside. These simple things will have it instantly looking a lot more attractive.  

Beds and borders

A low-maintenance garden will be in high demand. You don’t want to take on a new garden that’s overgrown – it would be off-putting for most potential buyers.

So, again, be ruthless when clearing clutter and refreshing beds and borders.

Tackle the big things first – it should make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

If you have plants that are dead or dying, get rid of them – along with any weeds.

Once you have the borders under control, refresh the planting or add a thick layer of mulch to stop weeds from popping back up.

Are you a pot and planters person? If they’re not looking lush and are past their best, you can easily refresh them with some low-cost plants.  

Lawn love

Any space with a tired lawn will look neglected. It doesn’t matter if it’s a grass verge outside your home or a patch of grass in your front garden, weeds sticking through patchy grass will be really off-putting for a buyer. If you have to re-turf a lawn, it’s a quick, fairly inexpensive, and will most certainly refresh your garden.

If you’re lucky and your lawn is in good condition, a simple treatment of seaweed feed will enhance its color and look in a few days, giving it a lush, healthy, and welcoming look.

Lastly, mowing your lawn and trimming the edges regularly will keep it looking tidy. If the edges are raggedy, try inserting edging to give your garden a modern and manicured look.

We hope our tips will keep your garden looking lush and appealing to buyers.

If you are selling locally and need advice, our team will be happy to help.

Please get in touch here.