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Advice for downsizing your home

17-June-2019 11:21
in General
by Admin

Downsizing can be a difficult decision to make. You might have decided to downsize so your home is more manageable for you, or you want to live in a more convenient location, or you might just want to release equity from you home.

Whatever the reasoning, if you have decided to pack up and find somewhere smaller — our tips below should help to make your move a smooth one.

Make sure you plan

Packing your belongings can be a chore, especially as you are now moving to a smaller home. Making sure you plan well in advance will make the process easier. Have an idea of where you will unpack things at the other end, and which room each box should be placed in. If you can't sort this ahead of the move, label each box clearly.

Be realistic about room

Look at downsizing as your chance to have a clear out and focus on what you need in your new home, as well as the things you don't. If you have furniture which is too big for your new home, plan-ahead so you know where items you no longer require are going.

Make good use of space.

Your new home is going to have less room, think about the layout and find ways you can make the most of the space you have available. You don't want to end up stressing and finding there's not enough space in your new home for what you need.

Get utilities sorted

Get details of the utility providers in your new home beforehand, it will be easier to set-up a new account with them if you have this information. Also, phone, tv and broadband services can often take a little more time to be arranged, get things in order prior to the move.

Seek advice

The best way to get the information required for your move is to consult a local Estate Agent. If you are looking to downsize, our expert team can offer the advice and tools needed to make it happen.

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