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Refreshing Your Home for Spring

16-February-2022 10:54
in General
by Admin

Spring is a great time of the year to sell your home. The long nights and frosty mornings of winter are in the past and the sun is starting to shine.

If you are planning to sell, spring is the perfect time to update your home. With more sunlight and warmer temperatures, a spring refresh can completely change your living area and impress those all-important buyers.  

Add a Little Colour

Embrace the end of winter and introduce some subtle colour into your home.

When you pull out your paintbrushes, it’s important to remember to keep things neutral. You want buyers to have a blank canvas and not be hit with brightly coloured walls – not everyone will have the same taste.

Switch Up Your Accessories

Something that can add a touch of that spring feeling into a room are the accessories. From throws and pillows to vases and paintings, having a quick change in the style and shades of your items can drastically warm up your room and make it appealing to buyers viewing your home.

Leave behind the dull tones of winter and embrace the colourful shades of spring by changing the cushions on your sofa.

Everything from your candle holders to your clock has an impact on the feel of your room, so take a look at what you can change easily. By introducing a burst of colour into one small segment of your room, you can transform the whole space.

If you love to have plants and flowers in your room, then choose a green vase to bring in some outdoor tones, or if you have some dark prints and paintings on your wall, why not opt for something floral and bright.

And while we’re speaking of flowers…

Bring the Outside In

Adding plants and flowers to your home décor is an easy way to make it feel inviting.

Whether choosing artificial flowers or getting some real plants in to care for and nurture, nothing says spring like colourful plants.

Take a while to look into which are the perfect plants to get. Are your rooms full of natural light? How warm does the room get? Finding the perfect plant for the environment means you will get something that will thrive – you don’t want dead greenery around the home when conducting viewings.

But why do people love plants so much?

They make your home feel fresh, add a touch of glorious bright colour, and smell great, which makes them the ideal way to make your home feel and look fresh instantly.

Clutter-Free for Viewings  

There’s a reason we’ve all heard of a spring clean. It’s a great time to remove clutter and get your home viewing ready. Having a clean de-cluttered home is a must when selling.

When spring comes round and the weather gets warmer, a messy room can feel stifling and will most certainly put buyers off, so having a good clean and making sure everything you no longer use is stored away is essential.

If you have a viewing, make sure you open the windows and air the rooms, the warmer weather can make rooms feel too warm. A cool breeze coming through can be really enjoyed in a clean and clutter-free room, so spend some time before the viewing getting everything right and in place.

Make the Most of the Light

After a dark winter, it is great to feel the warm sun on your skin again. One of the things people miss most is natural light, so make sure when spring comes around you are making the most of it.

Moving from the dim lighting of a winter home to the bright light of a spring home is a sure way to make your interior feel fresher and more inviting.

The first step to bringing in the most natural light is to ensure your windows are clean. After months of cloudy, grey days, stepping out into a warm, naturally lit room will make the right impression on anyone viewing your home.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a great time of year to move house. The bright and warm weather means making a few changes to your interior can completely transform your home, taking it from the dull tones of winter to the bright and colourful floral patterns of spring.

Little changes can make a big difference to how quickly your home will sell, so choose what will work best for your inside space and refresh your home just in time for a spring sale.

If you are looking to market your home in spring, we can assist.

Please feel free to contact our team here to discuss your requirements.