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Moving House Over Christmas: Five Tips for a Smooth Move

13-December-2019 7:57
in General
by Admin

By its nature, the Christmas period is a busy time for us all – and this can be made even more hectic for those planning to move home in December. Although many would try to avoid moving home over this period and perhaps wait until the new year, move-in dates can be inflexible due to their reliance on others in house chains – so it may not always be an option.

If you’re moving home over the Christmas period and are looking to make it as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together five tips for a smooth house move so you can start the new year on the best foot.

Prepare for adverse weather

Whilst many of us dream of snow over the Christmas period, icy conditions can become a major obstacle for those planning on moving home during this time. Check the weather forecast before your move, in anticipation of snow or ice which could affect you. Have some extra warm clothes handy, along with salt for icy pathways outside the home. These can be especially hazardous when carrying heavy loads into the home, so make sure the risk is minimised.

Start early

During the British winter months, the dark draws in quite early – often around 4-4:30 pm. Because of the lack of light, we suggest you start moving as early in the morning as you can to make the most of the light. Paired with potentially icy conditions, the darkness can be an extra hazard when moving. If you need to work in the dark, then remember to pack a few torches for better visibility. Christmas opening hours for companies who you may be working with throughout your move could also be in effect, so starting early can help avoid early closing times over this period.

Book removals well in advance

For many organisations, business can skyrocket during the Christmas period, along with having reduced staff and/or opening hours. Removal companies can be affected by this, so making sure you have everything planned and ready to go on the day you move will make things smoother. Schedule removals well in advance of your move-in date before they’re booked up. The last thing you’d want is to be stuck without a way to get your belongings into your new home – especially over Christmas!

Contact utility suppliers

Utility suppliers can be overloaded with work over Christmas, so making sure you’ve informed them of your move well in advance will help minimise any issues later down the line. It wouldn’t be ideal to move in only to find that no gas or electricity running in the home (especially during these cold months!). Similarly, you wouldn’t want to get stuck paying for the utilities in your old home if you forget to inform your old supplier, so getting on top of this early is certain to help!

Keep boxes out of sight

Moving into a new home means there’s going to be a lot of storage boxes involved, and opportunists may pick up on this and take advantage. Be extra cautious when leaving boxes in view for anybody outside of the home – especially over the Christmas period as theft can be heightened when expensive presents are around. Keep the curtains closed at night and avoid leaving any boxes and packaging from expensive items outside which could give away any valuables.

We hope are tips will help with your Christmas move! If you need any property advice, do please get in touch with us here.