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Home Maintenance Tips

13-August-2020 9:03
in General
by Admin

When the weather gets warmer it’s easy to put off all the house jobs that need doing, but it’s actually better to do these jobs when the weather is warmer.

Also, if you’re planning to sell, your home needs to look its best and be well maintained in order to get the best price.

Here are a few home simple tips.

External Woodwork

It’s a great time to sand any external wood and rub any flaky paint on window frames and external doors. A nice fresh coat of paint helps stop the water getting into the woodwork, rotting, and ruining the wood in the wetter months.

Prepare Your Patio and Decking

Scrubbing and jet washing the patio and decking is a good idea. It will help it crack and split less and keep it looking tip top. After cleaning, applying a chemical sealant can provide extra protection.

Check External Walls for Cracks

Fill in any cracks and loose areas of cement between bricks with a good filler. A local DIY store will have the things you’ll need. This will help keep water out and keep the foundation safe.

Fix Any Damaged Guttering or Pipework

Fixing your guttering and pipework can stop any leaks and dampness from happening in your home. Especially in the wetter seasons when there is plenty of rain to deal with.


Get your roof checked before winter comes. This will help protect your home from any harsh conditions. However, hiring a professional to do this is the best way to go. They will notice things you won’t and have the correct health and safety measures in place.


Cut back any overgrown plants and shrubs, you don’t want any unsightly weeds or bushes making the outside look messy – it’s all about kerb appeal.

We hope these tips will keep your house maintained and looking fresh, attract buyers and get the best possible price if you choose to market your home.

If you are looking to sell, please do get in touch with our team here.