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Simple Bathroom Refresh Ideas

12-July-2022 13:49
in General
by Admin

Not sure if you should upgrade your bathroom before a sale? Bathroom trends have changed over the years and refreshing it can boost the value of your home – an updated bathroom potentially adds between 4-5%. If you’re not selling right away, renovating is a great way to invest in your property.

Remember, bathrooms need to be fresh and clean looking, but they are also a great place to add some luxury for that wow factor.

If you have a tight budget or aren’t an avid decorator, there are some simple ways to spruce up your bathroom without spending a fortune and till impress those potential buyers.  

Any grime, limescale, or mould will make any bathroom look unappealing, so the first thing to do is give everything a good clean. You can buy products to help shift tough dirt. If that doesn’t work, try a grout-reviving pen on stubborn areas. If you aren’t able to regrout or paint your tiles, replacing them could easily give your bathroom a boost. To get good value and not spend too much, make sure you use them wisely. Look to see if you can get away with only tiling around the bath, sink, and shower to save money. Doing an entire bathroom would be expensive and isn’t always necessary.

If you have a very small budget, simple accessory changes can make a big difference. They’re also a great way to add colour and style to a plain bathroom to make it standout. You could look to buy new curtains or blinds, add a smart shower curtain, and hang a mirror or pictures. You can even add a stylish toothbrush and toilet roll holder, buy some storage baskets for your toiletries, and upgrade your towels to match. If walls in your bathroom are painted, refreshing the current paintwork, or even changing to a different colour can give the room a totally different look. Try to stick to more neutral colours, so you don’t put people off. And because bathrooms as a rule don’t have large amounts of wall space to paint, it shouldn’t take up too much time or money. Feeling brave? You might even look to give any bathroom furniture a lick of paint or cover up old and dated tiles. Make sure you purchase the correct paint for each job. Mould-resistant emulsions for bathrooms and specialist paints for tiles are widely available.

Good lighting is an easy way to brighten a bathroom. Look to change the current light fitting for something more current. Or try LED downlights instead. Mirrors are also a great way to help bounce around light and create the illusion of space in those smaller rooms.

Make sure you get a qualified electrician to install new lighting.

If you have old fittings, or drab, boring ones, replacing these can give your bathroom a new lease of life. You might also want to swap the shower head for a modern, eco-friendly model. You want to try to choose the best taps and showers you can afford so you impress when people are viewing your home.

If you have to upgrade to new fixtures, you can keep costs down by staying with the current bathroom layout, so the pipework is the same. Try to replace sinks and toilets with a similar style so it’s compatible with your existing plumbing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our simple bathroom makeover ideas and try some out for yourself.

If you are looking to sell locally and need advice, we’d be happy to assist.

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