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Moving house? Here’s who to notify when you change address

01-November-2019 9:31
in General
by Admin

Moving house means changing address, which can entail a fair amount of administrative work. Whilst you’re likely to inform those who matter most quickly of your change of address, your old details will also be linked to far more than just your friends and family’s address book. To make sure any correspondences do not find themselves at the wrong address, keeping important companies and organisations up to date with your new address is essential.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the key contacts you should notify when you move into a new house. This will make sure that any post is still able to find its way to you, and also that you are not being charged any unwanted payments as a result of not informing them.

Royal Mails Redirection Service

As a first step, it may be worthwhile taking advantage of Royal Mail’s redirection service once you’ve completely moved out of your old address.

This service will make sure that any incoming mail (sent through Royal Mail) sent to your old address is redirected to your new one. This can be extremely useful in the early stages of moving before you’ve notified every relevant organisation of your change of address. Although it is a paid service, its likely to save you time and money, and can be stopped once your confident all mail is directed to your new address.

Finance, Insurance & Government Organisations

Banks: Notifying your bank of your move should be at the top of your list, due to the potential exposure to identity fraud from changing addresses. Any correspondence from your bank sent to your old address may find itself in the wrong hands, so make sure to prioritise this by getting in touch with them ASAP.

Insurance: You may have a range of insurance policies taken out currently, but some of the more noteworthy might be home insurance (making sure you’re not still paying for your old home), car insurance and life insurance. As some policies may become void as a result of not informing them of your change of address, this should also be a priority.

HMRC, DVSA and electoral register: These are some of the common government organisations you should notify when you change address. You’ll be able to notify all of these with relative ease online, or by phone.

Services & Utilities

Gas, electricity and water: Although your utility providers may have been some of the first companies you notified after changing your address, it’s key that you make sure they’re completely aware of your move. This is to prevent being charged for any utilities used in your old home which you were not liable for.

Broadband and TV: With broadband, many suppliers require a few weeks’ notice (between two to six) before you can cancel it. Others offer solutions to moving home so that you can take it with you, so get in touch with them beforehand to find out.

With your TV, make sure that you inform TV Licencing once you’ve moved to make sure that you’re covered. If you have a cable TV package, you should also inform them so that the process of transferring any connective hardware to your new home is made easier.

Healthcare, Education & Charity

Doctor, dentist and opticians: Updating any healthcare services relevant to you should avoid any issues with your correspondence not being directed to your new address. This will ensure you do not miss an appointment, or any important information regarding your health. Give them a quick call and notify them.

Education: If you or someone in your new home is attending an educational institution – such as school, college or university – it’s worth notifying them early on of your change of address. They are likely used to their pupils and students moving homes, so it should be a fairly straightforward process.

Charity: If you’re subscribed to keep up to date with any charities you support, such as receiving a newsletter in the post, notifying them of your new address will make sure you still receive any updates.

We hope our blog helps you to smoothly change you address! If you are thinking of moving home, we can assist with the sale of your property.

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